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YE International is a Finnish electronics company with 50 years of experience in the field. YE International imports electronic components and tools to Finland, Russia, and to the Baltics. YE International has been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1988. In 2018 the group turnover was 57,2 million euros, and the number of employees was approx. 227. In Finland, the main office and warehouse is located in Espoo, near Helsinki.

During it's 50-years of operating, YE International has developed to being one of the most remarkable distributor in Finland of electric components and measurement equipment to demanding industrial needs in Finland. YE international broad product portfolio offers industrial- and automation products from most recognized brands. Products range from end of line products to products for research, product development, measurement and testing. 

Our CEO is Kari Nerg

In Finland YE International is known as Yleiselektroniikka.



Enthusiastic electronics engineers set up a Hi-Fi store at Yrjönkatu in Helsinki


YE published the first catalogue of electronic components in Finnish


Purchasing of Sähkö-Välitys Oy and starting resale of components


The main office and warehouse moved to YE’s own property in Olarinluoma, Espoo


The database exceeded 10 000 items


The company was listed on stock market and was quoted on the Nasdaq Helsinki


Purchasing of Dualtek Oy


Purchasing of Telercas Oy and making a common catalogue of semiconductors


Establishing the first subsidiary to St. Petersburg as one of the first foreign companies in St. Petersburg. Purchasing of Työkaluedustus Oy


Purchasing of A-Kaabel companies which operated in all Baltic countries


ISO 9002 certificate was granted


ISO 9001:2000 certificate was granted


Setting up a subsidiary in Ukraine


ISO 9001:2008 certificate was granted


Purchasing of component and mechatronics business from Kaukomarkkinat Oy


Purchasing of Noretron Komponentit Oy


ISO 9001:2015 certificate was granted



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Quality Management System

Our quality management system has been audited in year 2017, and Yleiselektroniikka has been granted ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

Our quality policy’s goal is to be Finland’s number one option for customer and the most well-known professional electrical products distributor. Our quality policy’s goal is the same as our strategic goal.

Quality management system’s objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction. Customers purchase again from us if we can deliver products and services that meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Number one option for customer. We are the first intuitive option for customer and we keep improving our quality by measured results.
  • The best, the most motivated and the technically most competent people are working at Yleiselektroniikka. We improve our expertise by sharing the information and having trainings.
  • New products first from Yleiselektroniikka. Our product portfolio is constantly updated. We offer the most wanted products for customers before others in Finland.

Customer returns: [email protected]

Quality management coordinator: Henrik Borenius
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +358 10 2891 289




Yleiselektroniikka / YE International's main warehouse's size is over 1 500 square meters. The main warehouse is located in Finland, in Espoo at the shop and at the headquarters. The warehouse contains over 22 000 different products.

Yleiselektroniikka delivers over 8 000 line items monthly - with accuracy and efficiency.

Yleiselektroniikka's daughter companies have their own separate warehouses in their respective countries.

One of the company's key services is local stocking and buffer stock services for the project sales customers.

In Finland Yleiselektroniikka has ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.


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