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Alpha Wire - Environment Friendly Cables and Wires for Demanding Applications

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Alpha Wire designs and manufacturers cables and wires, hoses, heat shrink tubes, braided sleevings and accessories for the electricity industry's needs.

Alpha Wire's product portfolio icludes both UL and CSA approved cables and wires with different jacketing materials, insulations and shieldings depending on applications.

Alpha Wire was founded in New York in 1992. In 2009 the company introduced to market the environmentally friendly 100% halogen free EcoWire® wires. Alpha Wire developed the EcoGen™ product group that today includes product series such as:

  • EcoCable®
  • EcoCable® Mini
  • EcoFlex®
  • EcoFlex® PUR
  • EcoWire® Plus

See also the new Pro-Tekt™ PVC jacket cables that are especially designed for the European market. Alpha Wire has added to their cable and wire selection the PFA jacket Micro Coaxial Cables, that have very small diameter and are designed especially for the medical and industrial environments. Get to know also the pevious products such as Xtra-Guard and Industrial Series and the protective hoses.

With the Cable Finder and Wire Finder tools it's easy to choose the right products. 

Alpha Wire's Coast™ Custom Cable Series' offer wide possibilities fot fast cable and wire customization. You can for example choose the AWG size and production materials such as jacketing and insulation.

Alpha Wire's 100% recyclable EcoWire® and EcoWire® Plus wires

Alpha Wire EcoWire

EcoWire® wires are 100% recyclable halogen free mPPE jacketed wires. The Series' wires are UL1581 approved and lighter and have smalled diameter than PVC counterpart products.

EcoWire® ja EcoWire® Plus advantages compared to similar PVC wires

  • 45% smaller diameter in comparison to PVC counterpart product
  • 40% lighter
  • Halogenfree, 100% recyclable

EcoWire® Series wires are available with 600V nominal voltage, AWG sizes johtimet AWG28-AWG10 (0,07 mm² - 5,37 mm²). The EcoWIre 600V is available with both Stranded or solid tinned copper conductors.

EcoWire® Plus Series are especially designed for high temperatures and the wires have better fluid and solvent resistance. The EcoWire Plus wires can be used in vehicles and in demanding factory environments.

The EcoWire® Plus wires are ISO 6722  sertified. EcoWire Plus wires are available with 300V nominal voltage, sizes AWG28-AWG10 (0,09 mm² - 4,92 mm²). The conductos are standed tinned copper (Product is sold in different reel sizes, many colors available.)

You can replace all old PVC wires with the EcoWire® ja EcoWire® Plus wires!

EcoCable® Mini 100% recyclable multiconductor cables

Alpha Wire EcoCable mini

EcoCable® Mini Series multiconductor cables are fully recyclable, halogenfree and UL 21460 approved. The EcoCable Mini cables have mPPE jacket and mPPE insulation, nominal voltage 300V and stranded tinned copper conductos. The EcoCables are available in sizes AWG20-AWG28 (0,616 mm² - 0,0925 mm²) both in shielded ans unshielded. EcoCables are sold in 30,5 m and 305 m reels.

EcoCable® Mini Cable's advantages in comparison to 300V PVC cable

  • 32 % smaller diameter
  • 44 % lighter
  • Halogenfree, 100% recyclable

Alpha Wire Pro-Tekt™ PVC Multiconductor Cables

Alpha Wire Pro-Tekt

Alpha Wire's Pro-Tekt™ PVC jacketed multiconductor cables are especially designed for the European market.

The Pro-Tekt™ cables are UL 2464 approved and suitable for example industrial process contol, for high-technology and for medical electronics and applications.

The series cables have unshielded, braided shield, and foil shielded shielded options depending on application. the conductors are stranned tinned copper. Available with 300V nominal voltage in various AWG sizes..

Pro-Tekt™ cables are sold in reels, reel sizes 50 m, 100 m, 500 m and 1000 m. Straight from the stock in 50m / reel.

Alpha Wire Shielded Micro Coaxial Cables, UL AWM 1745

Alpha Wire Micro Coaxial

Alpha Wire's PFA jacket cables are ideal for industrial and medical applications.The Micro Coaxial have very small diameter and extremely high temperature range up to j+200 °C.

The Micro Coaxial Cables are UL AWM 1745 approved and awailbale in sizes AWG32-AWG50 (0,034 mm² - 0,0005 mm²). Micro Coaxial cables are sold in 100 m reels.

Alpha Wire hoses and braided sleeving with varous diamters

Alpha Wire hoses & sleeving

Alpha Wire has wide selection of differemt protective hoses ans braided sleecing for basic use and for demanding environment. The product portfolio cover both flexible and non flexible hoses and sleevings made of different materias such as PVC, Nylon, PPS and PTFE. PPS is a strong material and PTFE has good chemical and high temperature. The hoses, tubes and braided sleeving protect the wires from i.e. chemicals and are used also to bundle up wires and cables.

Alpha Wire GRP-130 Series PET Braided Sleevings

Alpa Wire's GRP-130 Series braided sleevings are made of PET and are easy to assemble. GRP130 sleevings are flexible / expandable and protect bables and wires from mechanical stress and from heat. GRP-130 braided sleeving are available in orange and black with different diameters. Sleeving are sold in reels 25 ft and 50 ft, (7,625 m and 15,25 m).


Alpha Wire Cable finder and Wire finder Tools

Alpha Wire Cable Finder Wire Finder

You can filter the products by selecting the wanted AWG size, nominal voltage, application, approvals, materials and shieldings.

Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard Stranded Cables

Alpha Wire X-Tra Guard

Alpha Wire's Xtra-Guard Series cables provide solutions for demanding applications. Check different options (multipaired, solid and stranded) in AWG sizes AWG28-AWG14. Xtra-Guard cables are available with different inusaltion material. Xtra-Guard cables are used for example in automatiion, industrial applications, heavy machinery, medical environment, and in MIL applications.

Xtra-Guard® 1 PVC Control Cable
High performance in a tough PVC cable

Xtra-Guard® 2
Abrasion resistant to withstand mechanical abuse

Xtra-Guard® 3
Direct burial—no conduit needed

Xtra-Guard® 4
Extreme temperature cable

Xtra-Guard® 5
Chemical resistant to withstand the most hazardous environments

Xtra-Guard® Flex
Wide variety of flexing applications

Xtra-Guard® Cat5e Industrial Ethernet Cable
Rugged Cat5e ethernet cable with high-performance TPE jacket.

Alpha Wire Industrial Series

Alpha Wire Industrial Series Cables

Alpha Wire's Industrial Series offers wide range of cables for industrial environment. These cables have excellent resistance to fluids and solvents. 

Series XM (Flex Control)
Featuring a premium-grade PVC jacket, Series XM Flex Control Cable is the ideal choice for medium-to-high-flex applications.

Industrial Series F Continuous Flex Cable
Continuous flex control cable for high-flex cable track applications.

Industrial Series M
Ideal for stationary cable trays.

Industrial Series P Stationary Control
Enhanced flexibility and routability for cable trays.

Industrial Series SF Flex Servo Control
Design specifically for servo motors and servo drives. Series SF provides added flexibility.

Industrial Series V (VFD)
Optimized for variable-frequency drives (VFDs).

Industrial Series V-Flex (Flexible VFD)
CSA-Rated Flexible VFD Cable