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Artesyn Embedded Power Supplies for Professionals

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From the Artesyn product portfolio you can find power supplies and DC-DC converters for prodessional use and for demanding applications such as military electronics and for medical applications.

Artesyn Embedded Power has been founded in the United States and the well-known Astec brand is part of Artesyn. Artesyn Embedded Power is one of the world's largest manufacturer and designer of professional power supplies

The product range covers power supplies from 3 watt to 24 Kwatt, voltage range  0,59 V - 393 V. Many of the power supplies are also available as medically approved models.

  • Open frame and enclosed power supplies (Medical and ITE approved)
  • Customized modular power supplies
  • Configurable power supplies
  • DIN-rail mounting power supplies
  • LED Drivers
  • DC-DC vonverters (power ratings starting from 6 watt)

Artesyn Medically Approved Power Supplies

You an get most of the Artesyn Embedded Power power supplies as medical approved / medically sertified version (also ITE safety). For example the LCC600 Series' Power Supplies can be used in medical applications and  are suited for BF-type applications. You find Power Supplies with advanced functionalities such as Remoe Sense, Power Failure and  Suuritehoisista teholähteistä löydät vaihtoehdot, joissa on monia edistyksellisiä toimintoja, kuten Remote sense, Power Failure.

Yleiselektroniikka is Artesyn Embedded Power's official distributor in Finland and you can order all supplier's power supplies and DC-DC converters from Yleiseletroniikka.

You can also request for demo products or book a meeting with a product specialist to find out more about the full product range. Yleiselektroniikka's technical specialist will help you to choose the best product for your application.  

>>> Note! Only some of the products are presented on YE's webshop.

Artesyn AC-DC Open Frame Power Supplies

Artesyn Open Frame Power Supply

From the Artesyn Embedded Power open frame ppower supplies you can find models from 25 ... 6500W with various input voltages. The product range covers AC-DC power supplies with singe, double and with 3 and 4 outputs. You can order the low and medium power models also as enclosed power supplies.

Check the Medical and ITE approved power supplies (for medical safety) such as LPS300 Series power supplies. The LPS300 AC-DC power supplies have advanced functions such as Remote sense and Power failure, overvoltage protection, thermal overload protection, overload protection and active power factor correction. Some of the LPS300 Series power supplies have also adjustable main output ans built-in class B EMI filter.

Artesyn AC-DC Enclosed Power Supplies

Artesyn Enclosed Power Supply

Artesyn enclosed power supply range has power models from 35W to 4920 W with many input voltages.

Many of the enclosed powers have PMBus (I2C, PMBus) digital control funcions and extensive safety approvals, that make the powers ideal for example for military and automation applications.

Artesyn AC-DC Medical Open Frame and Enclosed Power Supplies

Artesyn Medical Open Enclosed

Most of the Artesyn Embedded Power's AC-DC open frame and enclosed power supplies are medially approved. The Medical and ITE sertified power supplies are used in laboratories and in many medical applications such as patient monitors and ultrasonic quipment. You can order for example LCC600 Series' power supplies from YE International. These LCC600 enclosed powers are designed for example for BF type applications.


Artesyn DC-DC Converters

Artesyn dc-dc converters

Artesyn is one of the world's leading DC-DC converter suppliers. From the DC-DC converters you can find options with single and multiple outputs from both Artesyn and Astec. The input voltage range for the DC-DC converters is very wide and you can find models with power range from 35W to 800W - also industrial sizes (16th brick-full brick).

You can check the whole range; High Voltage DC-DC Converters, Digital DC-DC Converters, Industrial DC-DC Converters, Non-Isolated POL Converter and PFC modules on Atresyn website. Ask for more information from YE International's technical personnel [email protected].


Artesyn LED Power Supplies, DIN-rail Power Supplies, Plug-In Adapters and Desktop Power Supplies

artesyn led drivers din rail power supply

Artesyn Embedded Power LED Power Supply range covers power supplies for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find LED drivers with IP classification up to IP67 with wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to +90 °C.

The Artesyn AC-DC power supplies are designed for industrial use. Their power classes are 120W, 240W, 480W and 960W.