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CONEC provides connectors for a wide range of applications designed fot harsh environments - also PCB board mounted connectors.


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Kari Niemi
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CONEC over 30 years of experience in the field

CONEC is one of the world's leading connector technology designers and manufacturers. CONEC connectors and cables are manufatured in modern production sites utilizing the latest technologies and manufacturing processes. CONEC has TS16949 and DIN ISO 9001 standards that ensure good quality throughout the company. All CONEC's industrial connectors are tested and approved by jthe UL-CSA-VDE standards.

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Yleiselektroniikka is CONEC's authorized dealer in Finland. You can order all CONEC's connectors and cables from Yleiselektroniikka - the most popular products straight from the stock. You can also request for product samples or book a meeting with the product manager.
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Conec M12 and M8 Connectors (shielded versions)

conec m8 m12

Conec offers a wide range of M12 and M8 male and female donnectors with i.e. 4, 5 and 8 pins, with A, B or D coding. M12 and M8 connectors have screw terminals and are now available also as shielded - you can get some of the connectors straight from Yleiselektroniikka's stock.

The connectors are IP67 classified when mated and are easy to assemble even in the field - with s basic screwdriver.

M12 and M8 connectors are compatible with the most commonly used data and industrial cables. Typical application for these connectors are for example automation and transportation.

 M12 shielded cable 8 pin field assembly connectors

M12 43-00456 (female) and 43-00462 (male) connectors have metal housing that enables shielding (360°). These product codes are designed for wire diameters  4.5 - 8.3 mm. These connectors have a protective sleeve inside the connectors that creates optimal insulation between the wire's jacketing and the connector. 

CONEC SuperCon® Series

Conec SuperCon

CONEC SuperCon® Ethernet and Power Hybrid Connectors IP67 and  Bayonet locking

CONEC SuperCon® Series combine Power and Signal

With the CONEC SuperCon® Ethernet and Power Hybrid Connectors you can use the same cable for both power and signal/data transfer (Ethernet).

CONEC SuperCon® Series IP67 selaed waterproof connectors are ideal for industrial environments and for industial automation. With the SuperCon Series connectors you can replace the seperate power and signal cables used in i.e. motor wiring / cabling, installation units and in servos. By using the SuperCon connectors / cables you cut costs, save space and assembly time and also cut the maintenance expences. SuperCon Series product category includes cables, field assembled connectors ans panel mounted connectors.

All SuperCon products have fully sielded 360° data core that is designed for Cat5E Ethernet AWG22 cables. The connectors are now available on sizes B12 and B17 coming up also size B23). The number of pins and permitted voltages depends on the connector size.

SuperCon Ethernet and Power Hybrid Connectors' Key Features

Key Features Typical Applications
  • Ethernet & Power hybrid connectors save space
  • Less wiring / cabling
  • Cur costs
  • Easy and reliable assembly with Bayonet locking
  • IP67 sealing when mated
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Robust and compact
  • Automation
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Robotic
  • Assemby lines
  • Production lines
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial assemblies and cabling / wiring


CONEC Superseal Series / DT Series for harsh environments IP67/ IP69K

Conec SuperSeal DT Series

CONEC Superseal Series and DT Series connectors are robust and reliable. These connectors are tampre-proof andwithstand well extreme weather conditions, moisture, fluids and dust. The Superseal connectors and cable solutions have good resistance for i.e. oil, otsone and diesel.

Both the Superseal and DT Series connectors are designed for cable to cable assembly. The connectors have a latching lock and reach the IP67 / IP69K sealing when mated.

CONEC's Superseal and DT Series typical applications are emergency vehicles, agricultural and construction machines, transport industry and process control.

DT Series' cables have LED option. the 360° LED indicator indicates the signal's state and functions also as protection circuit.

CONEC Junction System for transport industry and agricultural machinery IP67

Conec Junction Systems

With the CONEC's ”junction system” products you can integrate i.e. cables and cable outlets into different electrical systems. The Junction System products are a reliable and robust choice for different agricultural machinery's electrical connection lines (all products are at least IP67, PUR molded and electrically quality tested in the factory.)

CONEC's junction system – sizes S, M and L. Junction system is designed for cable entries and exits so there's unlimited amount of possibilities to combine different connector systems.

All Junction system products are custom made. 

CONEC IP67 RJ45 / USB / Fiber Optic / Power Bayonet

Conec RJ45 USB Connectors

Data communication has an important role also in outdoor applications. Many Industrial applications require IP67 waterproof and dustproof sealed connectors that provide reliable protection against i.e. heat, snow, mist, dust, fluids and corrosion.

CONEC's product range covers IP67 classified RJ45, USB, Fiber Optic and Power Bayonet products. You can find RJ45, USB/Mini USB and Fibre Optic LC Duplex connectors in plastic, metalized plastic or full metal for both standard and Heavy Duty applications.

CONEC D-sub Connectors IP67 / Filter / High Density / Standard

Conec D-Sub

The D-sub connectors are used in wide range of applications from control and measuring to telecommunications and computer applications.

CONEC's water-tight IP67 D-sub connectors are used for I/O signal and RF signal transfering from cable to PCB board, to housing or between cables. With the Filter connectors you can filter the noise from the signals / supress the interfering signals.

CONEC “Solid Body” D-SUB connector series is especially designed for application in harsh industrial environment.The solid body connectors ensure mechanical robustness and protection against splash water and dust in extreme conditions.

CONEC M8, M12, 7/8“ and M23 Connectors and Cables

Conec SAL-connectors

CONEC sensor actor line connectors and cables are part of SAL connectors. The SAL connectors are used in example in automation engineering for transmission of analogius and digital signals and for data transmission with high bandwith. From the product range you can find circular connectors in sizes M8, M12, 7/8” and M23. SAL product range covers surface mounted connectors with easy and quick field assembly, screw terminals or with IDC terminals.

The range has also Ethernet, CAN-bus, Devicenet ans Profibus connectors and cables. You can also get High Temperature connector and cable solutions up to +125 °C and IP69K sealed waterproof products that are used for example in the food and beverage industry.

CONEC Product News 2018

Conec Product News 2018

CONEC develops the product range according to customer needs. The connector and cables are designed and manufactures to meet the market's latest requirements and industry standards.

From the 2018 product news catalog you can find out more about M8 and M12 connectors and socket hoousings (also shielded options), CONEC SuperCon® B23 Hybrid Series and IP67 D-SUB CONEC SlimCon products.