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For over 50 years, Interface has been the world's leading designer and manufacturer of Load & Torque sensors and systems. Interface designs, manufactures and calibrates all its products to ensure the best precision and performance in the market. Interface's products help customers in all industries with appropriate solutions covering the power measurement range from grams to millions of Newton.


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Interface Force

Interface delivers sensors and systems for demanding customers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Ford, GM, Johnson among others.

Interfaces product range includes load sensors, torque sensors, machine calibration systems, display devices, measurement software and other components of load & torque systems.

Interfaces own Calibration Laboratory supports a number of standards: ASTM E74, ISO - 376, MIL - STD, EN10002 - 3 and ISO – 17025 etc.

Interface manufactures the strain gages used in its sensors from their own special materials. As a result, the load sensors feature a good temperature behavior, long lifetime, high load cycle number and high output voltage.

Interface calibrates every sensor they manufacture, so our customers can be sure that the sensors meet and exceed the specifications given to them. Likewise all of the sensors are compensated for torque loads, whereby the impact of side forces on the measurement is the smallest possible.

Each Interface load and power sensor is creep tested to accurate tolerances.

Interface quality ensures reliable and accurate measurements in all industries.

Interface Load Cells

Interface load cells

Interface load cells are industrial reference sensors for which other load cells are compared and which are used to calibrate other load cells by other manufacturers.

The characteristics of the basic load cells include Precision class -0.04% FS, high sensitivity (4 mV / V), compensation of lateral loads and air pressure variations, low deflection with maximum load and small size. For example, 1200 series models are suitable for tension and compression measurements and have a capacity range of 1.5 kN to 450 kN.

For most load cells the mounting base and overload protection are available as an option to prevent the load cells from breaking through excessive compression force. Most load cells are available in US and Euro models, with the only differences are in calibration (lbf vs. kN) and thread dimensioning. Other options are available, for example  amplified output signal (volts output or 4-20 mA output) and TEDS, which is a sensor encoder circuit including load cells sensitivity and calibration data. 

Round Load Cells, Low Profile-models:
  • 1000 series: Load cell for high load cycle count. The factory guarantees 100 million full load cycles for the load cell from maximum compression to maximum tension.
  • 1100 series: Ultra-accurate reference series. Accuracy -/+0.02% FS.
  • 1200 series: Reference of precision load cells. Accuracy +/-0.04% FS. Extensive range of capacities, 1.5kN - 450kN. It can withstand 50% overload without breaking. Available in US- and EU-models. Options include mounting base and overload protection for example.
  • 1600 series: Gold Standard ™ Calibration load cells. Calibration load cell for calibrating other load cells.
1000 series 1100 series 1200 series 1600 series 1600 series (low)
Interface 1000-sarja Interface 1100-sarja Interface 1200-sarja Interface 1600-sarja Interface 1600-sarja (low)

Miniature and  small precision load cells:

  • MBP series: Compact precision load cells with overload protection. Accuracy -/+0.03% FS. It can withstand 10 times overload without breaking. Capacities 5 N to 100 N.
  • SMA series: S-shaped small-size tension and compression load cell. Capacities: 60 N to 900 N.
  • SML series:  Very low profile load cell for limited spaces. Measures the tension and compression between 22N – 9000N.
  • SSM / SSM2 series: S-shaped tension and compression load cell. Capacities 200 N to 50 kN.
  • ULC series: Ultra low capacity: 0.5 N to 2 N.
MBP series SMA series SML series SSM/SSM2 series ULC series
Interface MBP Interface SMA Interface SML Interface SSM/SSM2 Interface ULC


Interface Torque Transducers

Interface torque transducers

The interference torque transducers are suitable for measuring the static torque and rotating motion torque.

Static torque transducers are used to measure the torque load where the sensor does not rotate. For example measuring the opening and closing torque of valves, actuators and rotating devices and calibrating the torque wrenches.

The rotational motion torque sensors are normally mounted between the motor and the load, thereby measuring the torque of the rotating motion transmitted through the sensor shaft.

The capacitance of the torque sensors is 0.005 mNm - 452 kNm, so they are well suited for torque measurements from small electric motors to large generators.

HRDT High Resolution Digital Telemetry T11 Bearingless TS17 Hex Drive TSQ High Capacity Square Drive
Interface HRDT Interface T11 Interface TS17 Interface TSQ


Interface Amplifiers and Measuring Instruments

Interface instruments

The range of Interface products also includes precision signal conditioners for load and torque sensors.

The signal conditioner supplies the sensor with the voltage required by it, and the small voltage signal from the sensor is amplified to be a suitable voltage or current message. Optional alarms or serial data outputs are available for multiple amplifiers. The USB-connected signal conditioner can be connected directly between the sensor and the PC. The TEDS option signal conditioner reads sensor sensitivity and calibration data from the sensors TEDS circuit and greatly simplifies the matching of the sensor and the signal conditioner.

Interface Accessories for load cells and torque transducers

Interface accessories

When using interface sensors, you should use optional accessories and equipment optimized for Interface sensors.  

Calibrating Resistors and Adapters:

  • Calibrating Resistors and Adapters 
  • Clevises and Rod End Bearings
  • Jam Nuts 
  • Load Buttons 
  • Miscellaneous Thread Adapters
  • Connectors and Cables

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