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Molex Industrial Products - Molex is one of the world's largest connector manufacturers. The well known brands Brad®, mPm® and Flamar are part of Molex.

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Molex's product range covers industrial connectors, multi-pin connectors, strain reliefs, clamps and cables. The products are designed to protect against moisture and pollution, to withstand vibrations and to ensure reliable connections in demanding conditions.

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Yleiselektroniikka is Molex's authorized distributor in Finland. You can order all Molex industrial products from Yleiselektroniikka - most popular products straight from the stock. You can also request for product samples or book a meeting with a product manager. Note! Only some of the products are presented on YE's webshop.

Molex and Brad® Automation Product Range

Molex Brad automation

Molex M8 and M12 cordsets are designed for industrial automation. The M8 and M12 cordset range covers PVC, PUR, and WSOR cables. The WSOR high-flex cables are UL approved and suitable for wide range of applications, also for harsh environments where the cordsets have to whitsthand, mechanical stress, oils, cutting-oil and fluids. The cordsets are IP67 when mated and connect with all standard M8 and M12 devices.

From the product range you can find field assembly and PC card I/O modules for Ethernet, Profibus and Modbus data transferring.

Molex ML-XT™ IP68 Multi-pin Connectors for Industial Applications

Molex ML-XT

Molex ML-XT™ Series' connectors are IP68 sealed wire-to-wire connectors. The rear seal is made of HCR that provides better tear-resistance than LSR and prevents damage during terminal insertion. The HCR seals have latches / locks that allow flexible cable exits whilst maintaining optimum sealing. The ML-XT Series current rating is up to 13.0A and the serie includes connectors with 2 to 18 circuits. 

ML-XT™ Series' connectors typical applications are agricultural machinery, transportation industry, marine equipment and construction industry.

ML-XT™ Connectors Key Features:

  • Number of circuits: 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 circuits
  • IP68 (Nema rating IP69K)
  • Wide operating temperatur range: -55 ºC...+125 ºC
  • Nominam current / voltage: 13.0A (max.) / 500V DC (max.)
  • "One-piece plug" Plug and receptacle housings are supplied pre-assembled with internal HCR rear seals locked-in by rear covers
  • Rear selas made from HCR (optimal sealing)

Molex HDC Heavy Duty Connectors

Molex HDC

Molex's Heavy Duty Connectors are compatible with market's HDC connectors. The wide HDC range includes cost efficient high-quality connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications such as electronic machinery, robots, electric panels, control equipment, power and control- or signal-circuit connectivity.

The heavy duty multi-pole connectors are ordered by request.

Molex Brad® and mPm® Valve Connectors and Cables

Molex mpm brad

Brad® and mPm® products are used for controlling the coils of hydraulic and pneumatic valves. mPm® products are widely used in industrial applications such as contruction machinery, on agricultural machinery, mining and in industrial automation. You can order all all mPm® products from Yleiselektroniikka, the most popular DIN valve connectors and DIN cable assemblies straight from the stock.

Flamar Standard and Custom Cables

Molex Flamar

Flamar is specialized in custom made cables. The product range covers PVC, PUR and WSOR raw cables and CAT5/CAT6/CAT7 Ethernet Cables, also many variations for servo use. You can order all Flamar cables form Yleiselektroniikka.

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