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TDK-Lambda has been part of TDK Corporation since 2008. The company was established in Japan and is one of the world's leading electronics companies. TDK-Lambda manufactures and designs AC / DC power supplies, DC / DC converters and EMC / EMI filters, especially for medical and industrial applications. The offering includes power supplies' in power ranges 1 W to 15 kW and laboratory power supplies with power range 200 W - 15 kW.

Yleiselektroniikka is TDK-Lambda's official distributor n Finland and you can order all TDK-Lambda's products from Yleiselektroniikka - some of the products straight from the stock. You can also request demo products for testing or book a meeting with a product specialist to find out more about the supplier's product range. Yleiselektroniikka's technical team help you to choose the right product for your application. TDK-Lambda manufactures also customized products according to customer's sppecifications.

Note! Only some of the products are presented on Yleiselektroniikka's webshop.

tdk-lambda din rail power supply

The DIN rail power supplies are the industrial industry's most widely used power supplies. The DIN rail power supplies are very easy to assemble and available with the industry's most common voltages.

TDK-Lambda's DSP Series (10 ... 100 W) is designed for low spaces (depth 55,6 mm). The DRB Serie has market's narrowest power supplies in power range (15 ... 100 W). The DRF Series' DIN rail power supplies are also very narrow / slim (120 ... 480 W) designed for harsh applications where 150% instant power and excellent efficiency is needed.


  • 15 – 100W
  • ErP compliant
  • Compact footprint
  • Excellent efficiency


  • 15 – 960W
  • 1 – 3 phase input
  • UL508


  • 10 – 100W
  • 1 phase input
  • Low 56mm profile
  • Protection class II


  • 120 – 480W
  • 150% PeakP., 4sec
  • Remote Prog.
  • HazLoc, DNV/GL


  • 10 – 100W
  • ErP compliant
  • Low profile
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Protection class II


TDK-Lambda Programmable power supplies

The demand for programmable power supplies has increased due to their versatility and flexibility. The voltage and current range of the TDK-Lambda GENESYS and Z+ Series' products can be adjusted throughout the range, eg 0 ... 600 VDC or 0 ... 25 A.

The laboratory power supplies are suitable for both constant voltage and constant current applications - power range from 200W up to 15 000W. TDK-Lambda's programmable laboratoru power supplies are used in applications such as laboratory devices, measuring and testing equipment, educational instruments, lasers, scientific applications, RF amplifiers, and in telecommunications and battery charging.

Example Z+ range power supplies :
  • 200, 400, 600, 800W, 2U
  • 0 – 650V
  • Bench, 2U rack mounted (6 units)
  • Built in USB, RS232/485, analog
  • Integrated Arbitrary function
  • Communication with Gen. ™
  • Options: LAN, IEEE, isolated analog, 
    front panel output sockets

example GENESYS range power supplies:
  • 750W – 15kW
  • 1U, 2U, 3U
  • 0 – 1500V
  • Bench, rack (19”)
  • Built in RS-232/485, analog
  • Options: LAN, IEEE, Power Sink,
  • Fast speed, isolated analog
  • Extension: function I-SINK 
    (electronic power sink)
TDK-Lambda Medical power supplies

TDK-Lambda's medical power supplies are designed for medical equipment, but you can also use them in applications where low leakage current is required. TDK-Lambda has focused its' product development to medical power supplies as their market is growing rapidly. Ask for more information about all TDK-Lambda's medical power supplies. The product range covers both standard models and tailor-made/custmized power supplies. The latest models have high efficiency up to 94%.

For more information, contact Yleiselektroniikka representative.

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