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Help for product designing

Technical partner at your service

We want to be your technical partner in designing and help you choose the most suitable components and equipment for your applications. You can turn to us for component selections of both new and existing products or when in need to look for alternative choices. We help optimize the design, making the end product even more cost-effective.

By utilizing Yleiselektroniikka's experts, you save time and resources and you are sure to always get the right kind of products for the right purpose. The time spent searching for right information is greatly reduced and you are able to focus on what is really important.

Our expert service to support the design is free of charge.

Summarized benefits of using the service:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Multiple components or devices to choose from
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduction of suitability risks
  • Eliminating Uncertainties (E.g. End-of-Life)
  • Long-lasting products for which there are always many supply channels
  • Get samples quickly
  • Search for replacement products (BoM costing)

You can contact our experts by clicking this.

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Examples of customer projects where we have been able to help


The University of Jyväskylä needed to upgrade the programmable power supplies of the particle accelerator laboratory

to new as well as more compact ones. Yleiselektroniikka's experts found

new modern TDK-Lambda power supplies that save half the room space.

The industrial customer needed to find a cost-effective M12 sensor connector and a suitable cable for it.

An expert in Yleiselektroniikka found a ready-made cable that became

more affordable for the customer than the connectors and cables the customer himself suggested.

In addition to this, the customer received cost savings because the amount of work at the customer's end decreased

Our experts's product range:

Yleiselektroniikka has got its own experts for all product ranges. You can easily get help with design or equipment selection from the following product ranges:

By clicking one of the product ranges, you will get yourself right onto that range's contact form. this will notably speed up us being in contact with you!

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