GW Instek test and measurement products

Founded in 1975, GW Instek is the largest developer and manufacturer of test and measurement instruments in Taiwan. In addition, GW Instek is one of our newest suppliers.


Product Manager

Jan Katz
+358 50 410 3822

Our selection includes GW Instek products from four main lines: oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies and machine testers. For products not stored in our Espoo warehouse, the delivery time from the GW Instek Netherlands warehouse is approximately 1-2 weeks from order. Our specialists will help you find the right solutions from the wide range of products.

We constantly update our product range. If the product range doesn't include the product you want, please contact our sales. 

GW Instek products serve in automotive, medical and semiconductor industries, in the fields of consumer electronics, information technology and optoelectronics, as well as automation, research and education. 

GW Instek oscilloscopes

GW Instek oscilloscopes

The product range covers various oscilloscopes, such as digital storage oscilloscopes, portable and mixed signal oscilloscopes.

GW Instek function generators

GW Instek function generators

GW Instek is one of the main signal source suppliers in the world, offering continuously improved products with versatile features. Wide product ranges include AFG function generators, RF signal generators, DDS function generators and analog function generators. Different product lines provide solutions for industrial, R&D and educational needs.

GW Instek power supplies

GW Instek power supply

GW Instek offers power supplies for the requirements of the electronics industry: laboratory power supplies, DC power supplies, AC power supplies and DC electronic loads. 

DC power supply product range includes programmable, non-programmable, single or multiple channel  and dual range DC power supplies, as well as devices with different current and voltage resolutions.

Power supplies have been designed to serve component testing, wireless product testing, electronic assembly testing, battery-power product testing etc., for example in the fields of education, automotive and aerospace industries. 

GW Instek machine testers

GW Instek machine tester

With machine testers you can safely test devices in various operating conditions and environments. GPT-9000 series safety testers are fast, safe and suitable for voltage testing, insulation resistance measurement and ground bond testing. These are required by many international safety regulations. 

The newest GPT-9800 and GPT-9900 series safety testers are highly durable, they protect operators during testing and have a stable output capacity. Both series comply with all the necessary safety standards (IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS) and other international safety regulations.