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ADA1197 | USB cable - 200mm USB-A to Mini-B C

Toimittajan tuotekoodi: ADA1197
Tuotenumero: ADA1197
Yksikkö: kpl
Pakkaus: 1
Saatavuus: Tilauksesta
Toimitusaika n. 18 arkipäivää
Yksikköhinta ilman veroja: 3.95€
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This is a handy USB cable, it's compact so you can toss it into your toolkit, and has both Mini-B and Micro-B connector. Now you can hook up your LiPo Charger or a Arduino Micro/Leonardo/Raspberry Pi using the same cable.

Approximately 200mm long from end to end, its a little more compact than our classic 90cm long cable

This cable does not contain a hub, so you can only connect one USB device at a time (to either end). The micro end does data and power, the mini side only does power (not data)