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ADA1489 | Tactile Switch Buttons (6mm slim)

Toimittajan tuotekoodi: ADA1489
Tuotenumero: ADA1489
Yksikkö: kpl
Pakkaus: 1
Saatavuus: Toimitusaika 2-3 päivää
Yksikköhinta ilman veroja: 0.250€
Viro: 16
Yhteensä: 16
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Slim clicky momentary switches are standard input "buttons" on electronic projects. These are half the width of classic 6mm tactile switches so they line up better on a breadboard, just plug them into every-other row. These work best in a PCB but can be used on a solderless breadboard as shown in this tutorial. The two pins are normally open (disconnected) and when the button is pressed they are momentarily closed.