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SparkFun Electronics PRT-12699 | SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard - L

Toimittajan tuotekoodi: PRT-12699
Tuotenumero: PRT-12699
Valmistaja: SparkFun Electronics
Yksikkö: kpl
Pakkaus: 1
Paino: 0.04 kg
Saatavuus: Tilauksesta
Toimitusaika 18 päivää
Yksikköhinta ilman veroja: 8.95€
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This is the Large SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard. A bare PCB that is the exact size as our full-size breadboard with the same connections to pins and power rails. This board is especially useful for preserving a prototype or experiment you just created on a solderless breadboard by soldering all the pieces in place.

The large solder-able breadboard also includes real estate for screw terminal connectors and a trace down the center gutter for ground.